Erandi Avalos Aburto



Erandi Avalos Aburto is art historian, professor, researcher, and writer. Her background is in Arts and Humanities with a Bachelor in Art  History and a specialization in Theater. Avalos  is a member of the International Association of Art Critics in the National Section of Mexico (AICA-Mexico).


Erandi has extended experience curating exhibition projects and managing cultural and academic initiatives. Her interest in Outsider Art started with the exhibition La Pureza del Arte, en Búsqueda del Arte Outsider, curated by Pauline Schreurs in Michoacán. Strongly attracted by the emotional and plastic output of the works shown in Pátzcuaro and Morelia, she gladly accepted Pauline's invitation to co-curate the next exhibition IMPULSE, organized by La Pureza del Arte. The exhibition was a curatorial process full of discoveries of Mexican creators, some of whom had never shown their work in a museum. The approach to Outsider Art marked a milestone in her career and in the way she now perceives contemporary art.

She is currently registering and cataloging the OMR Gallery's Popular Art Collection and is one of the curators of the XIV FEMSA Biennial.

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Lia Bijnsdorp




Pauline Schreurs



Pauline acquired a Master's degree in Museology after receiving her Bachelor's degree in Arts. About three years ago, Lia Bijnsdorp and Pauline Schreurs founded  La Pureza del Arte, an initiative that operates primarily in Mexico. Throughout this period, Schreurs did research for  Outsider Art in Mexico by organizing exhibitions, workshops, and additional activities at artistic and non-artistic platforms.


In the frame of this project, the activities always took place in collaboration with Dutch partners such as Gallery Atelier Herenplaats (Rotterdam) and Ateliers Wijde Doelen (Utrecht). The most recent project took place between October and December 2019 with the exhibition  IMPULSE. It was hosted at the Museum of Contemporary Art –MACAZ– in Morelia, Michoacán State and it was the first time that La Pureza del Arte brought Outsider Art into the institutional discourse.


Josafat Pérez Velázquez



Joasafat is a journalist with a background in Philosophy. Besides coordinating a reading circle on narrative, he is working on a literary essay project, as well as a couple of documentaries on tradition and memory in indigenous communities. From the beginning onwards he has been  involved as researcher for La pureza del Arte.

Lia Bijnsdorp is co-founder of La Pureza del Arte. Bishop contributes as general director from UP Michoacán Europe Bijnsdrop. She aims for structural improvements in the agribusiness in Michoacán by supporting organizations of small growers to become independent exporters.


Bijnsdrop has a strong interest in setting up extended exchange networks between Mexico and the Netherlands in education, social, cultural, agricultural, and medical sectors. This all takes place in close collaboration with Mexican and Dutch Embassies.

Along with her broad experience at UP Michoacán Europe, Bijnsdorp headed several institutions: General Director IAEME – Agricultural Exports, in Mexico (2014-2016); Director of International Relations, IISBE A.C. in Mexico (2008-2020); Owner and Director of Cuatro Estaciones School Camp, in Valle de Bravo (1995-2002).

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Fanny Velázquez Mondragón


Project Manager

Fanny Velázquez Mondragón has a strong desire to empower young people within rural communities in Michoacan. Her bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. are in Civil Procedural Law. She works on several projects related to construction, talent development, and agriculture throughout Mexico. During the project La Pureza del Arte, Una Búsqueda de Outsider, she was involved as a project manager.

David Felipe Suárez Mira



David Suárez is museologist and journalist. Candidate to M.A. in Curatorial Practice at the School of Visual Arts. Interested in media archeology, processes of resilience through art, collective and collaborative production in contemporary art, and new narratives through languages like art-tech, public art, large-scale installations, performance, and new media.

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