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Outsider Art has a small number of platforms around the world, especially in South America, Asia, and Africa. We believe that this artwork must be displayed regardless of the educational, cultural, or social background of its creator. That’s why we decided to work with a renowned institution to broaden and further legitimatize Outsider Art.


IMPULSE took place at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce, Morelia between October and December 2019. 

Creating a surreal world with room for new creations, the exhibition IMPULSE aimed to go beyond stereotypes, stigmata, high and low art. In a world where the public is not only an observer but above all a participant, the aim was to unravel labels and change, or at least influence, perspectives and ideas.


Leonardo Noel González Alanis, Trini Ibarra, Tzitziky Campoy, Sofía Hamilton, Paulina Navarro; Janeth Lagunas Zúñiga, Patricio Francisco, Cecilia Vega Ruíz, Antonia Aburto, Benito Bahena Ocampo, Anne van Beek, Antonio Madrigal Gallegos, Ben Augustus, Santiago Muñoz, Callam de Ruijter, Carlos Mosquera, Celeste Versluis, Víctor del Castillo Mier y Terán, José Javier Serrano Gaona, Luis López Torres, Jessica Magnin, Shen van der Knaap,  Hannes Tromp, Edward Teeuw, Ezequiel Solorio, Kai Hessels, Maximiliano Navarrete, Paula Verónica García Martínez, Rubén Armando, Manuel Contreras, Hein Dingemans, Johanneke van Nus, Rob Morren, Joaquín Bernardo Aveleyra Trejo and Mónica Escalmilla. 

Sponsors and partnerships

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